About the Festival

During the eight day festival you will participate in four public performances, enjoy two concerts featuring some of LA’s top new music vocalists, collaborate closely with the N.E.O. Voice Festival Ensemble, and attend numerous workshops throughout the week. Through these workshops and performances, you will expand your knowledge of voice research and composition with leaders in the field, deepen the understanding of your voice through the powerful lens of voice science, explore creativity through writing and presentation, experience the Great Organs at FCCLA, and enjoy the wonders of Los Angeles.

For Vocalists


Your voice is capable of remarkable things. The 21st Century vocalist is lithe, flexible, powerful, and able to sing and speak in as many ways as they feel compelled. In the N.E.O. community, you’ll find creative artists who support your explorations and help you find safe and smooth pathways to new solutions. Interactive workshops, led by VoiceScienceWorks creators Laurel Irene and David Harris, will make accessible the latest research on bio-mechanics, vocal acoustics, and neurology to better understand what happens when we vocalize, and how to bring new information into alignment with your vocal goals through the lens of contemporary voice science and learning theory. 

For Composers


The 21st Century vocalist embraces a wide range of textures and timbres that offer composers profound new creative opportunities. N.E.O. faculty will guide you on how to relate to vocalists and communicate your goals within a meaningful musical context. Composers will work with new tools and alongside virtuosic vocal talent toward a culminating collaborative masterwork. Each day will include interactive lectures and workshops as well as masterclasses with other composers and performers. During the program, you will explore contemporary composition and notation techniques, and build a strategy for how to comfortably and successfully market your creative work to the world. All participants will create daily through guided interactions, and some will be chosen ahead of time to showcase their works.

The Oratorio Experience


The oratorio, with its roots in the Renaissance Era, has been a powerful tool for telling the world’s great stories through song. These stories, ranging from biographies, to passions, to celebrations of life, reveal the intricate nuances of text choice, text setting, and flow. What oratorios across time share is creative and powerful use of narrative that translates in a non-staged musical performance. In the 21st Century, these themes continue to expand in new directions, illuminating how people the world over explore what they find to be sacred in their lives. Festival participants will help to guide story telling choices with their own experiences and interests, learning to weave complex narrative and thematic elements into a communicative, artistic format in close collaboration with others.




Your artistic goals have a home.  At the N.E.O. Voice Festival, you will find supportive artists who are pushing boundaries in inspiring, progressive ways. Festival participants will find a friendly, safe, and welcoming place to deepen questions they have about their unique voice and creativity. Relaxing in The Creative Capital of the World, and enjoying the varied thrills of Los Angeles will provide opportunities to expand community, and build bonds that will lead to life-long collaborations.